Mountain Men and Life in the Rocky

Subject Guide


Mountain West

Malachite’s Big Hole

Everyday Living:

The diaries and journals of the mountain men and travelers in the west tend to be filled with extraordinary events and sights which they were experiencing.  The mundane, everyday tasks and chores, tools and equipment that were familiar to everyone living in the time and hence, at least to those journalists, not worth the ink to record.  In this section I will attempt to compile those items of everyday living that did get recorded, especially those that do not fit into any of my major categories. 

Accidents & Mishaps

Buffalo Hunting

Butchering a Buffalo

Buffalo-Cooking & Eating


Holiday Celebrations

Celebrity Guns & Horses

Cleanliness & Sanitation

Cooking & Cookware

Making Coffee

Parisian Dog Count

Dining Formalities at Forts


Dog - A Culinary Delight

Dogs - Hunting

Indian Blanket Coat

The Greenhorn Mountaineer

Ice House

Literacy & Reading

Tobacco in the Mountains

Law & Justice


Spoken Language

Making Lead Shot & Ball

Pack Train Life - Foods

Pack Train Life - Routines

Pack Train Life - Mess

Tipi Life

Pack Train Life-Guard Duty

Pack Train Life-Camp Setup

Preserving Meat

Prairie Travel

Preparing Robes and Hides

Starving Times

Notable Quotes

Indian Sign Language

Hunting Turkey by Moonlight

Sleeping - Cold Weather

Sleeping - Warm Weather

Wages & Benefits - 1851

The Shuck Cigarillo

Wages & Benefits - 1842

Winter Encampment

Women as Protectors

Kitchen & Tableware

Securing Horses